Using Mfinity's Preserve Waterless Wash

Mfinity Coatings' Preserve combines a waterless wash and ceramic coating with a 20% SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) count. Usually, with this type of product, you're looking into the range of 7-12% Si02. The higher the SiO2 percentage, the stronger the coating will harden, the more durable it will be, and the longer it will last. 20% SiO2 is phenomenal for a waterless wash. After you use Mfinity's Preserve, you'll keep a great-looking coating on your vehicle for up to 3 months, depending on weather and climate conditions. Mfinity's all-purpose Preserve is versatile on all surfaces, whether you are using it on glass, paint, plastic, or chrome.

How to Apply Mfinity Coatings' Preserve Waterless Wash

First, spray Mfinity's Preserve on the surface of your choice. Take a clean towel. When you wipe the product, you do not want to smear and deposit it on different points across the surface. Use even wipes that pull the dirt off each time. When that side of the towel gets dirty, take the other, clean, side, and wipe the surface again. As the product contains (SiO2) Silicon Dioxide, you will have to level the coating on the surface, or else it will leave streaks, "high spots," etc. As long as the product is wiped off and buffed in, you won't have any issues. Your surface is now clean, coated, and protected!

For painted surfaces, the method of using Mfinity Preserve is similar to glass, but there are some deviations.

Evenly spray the product on the painted surface, making sure there are no spots that you will accidentally catch your clean towel on. "High spots" can snag your towel and could scratch your vehicle, and unevenly spraying the product on the surface and wiping it will not clean the surface. The "one-swipe" method will work perfectly on paint to prevent scratching. Make sure you are always using the clean side of your towel when you wipe and lay the product on the surface. For vehicles with a lot of dirt, we recommend working on smaller portions, one at a time.

For our visual walkthrough of the Mfinity Preserve Waterless Wash product, check out the video below!