ceramic wheel protection
ceramic wheel protection
ceramic wheel protection
ceramic wheel protection

MFinity Wheel 9H Nano-Ceramic Coating (2 Years)

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  1. Prepare the surface with denatured alcohol and wipe clean 
  2. Wrap a MFinity Microsuede Cloth around the MFinity Applicator Block or use a Mfinity Microfiber Applicator
  3. Shake the product well and apply 4-6 drops of the coating 
  4. Using even pressure, coat the entire wheel 
  5. After 30 seconds, use a clean Mfinity Microfiber Towel to remove the residual coating 
  6. Use a second, clean, MFinity Microfiber Towel to lightly buff out the coating 
  7. Wait at least 7 days after coating the surface before exposure to water, dirt, cleaners, or any other contaminants. Failure to do so may result in streaking and or staining.

MFinity makes no expressed or implied warranty & accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages since the seller has no control over handling or use once sold.

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  • Apply Coatings in a dust free environment.
  • Due to rapid hardening, it is recommended to apply in smaller surface areas rather than one large section.
  • Ensure that you are using clean microfiber cloths for each step, and do not reuse suede applicators.
  • Make sure to keep the coated vehicle out of wet conditions while curing. 


  • When maintaining and cleaning the vehicle, use a neutral PH soap to ensure longevity. 
  • Only use touchless washes on your ceramic coated surfaces. 
  • There is no need to wax the surface of your vehicles after coating has been applied. 

Product Storage

  • Store all coatings in a cool, dry place. 
  • Shelf life for an unopened bottle is 2 years. 
  • Use within 6 months after opening. 
  • Wipe drip tip after use and seal tightly to prevent clogging. 
  • Do not refrigerate or freeze ceramic coatings. 


Always read instructions before use. May be harmful if swallowed. May cause skin & eye irritation. If swallowed please contact the poison control center or physician immediately. In case of eye contact, immediately flush with water, remove any contact lenses, continue flushing with water for 10 minutes. If irritation continues, acquire medical advice/attention.